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During a winter hike in the Vogezen we first started talking about Herder Gear. This is how it started.

We are three friends that grew up together in the same neighborhood. After highschool we all went on different professional paths, but always kept in touch in some way. In 2017 we planned a trip to Norway and discovered a shared desire to get outdoors more. This is when we made the pact to do a multiday hike together every year. Getting back to basics, enjoy nature's challenge, slow down, enjoy the company and get a good game of cards in.


As for most hikers, preparing and talking about the trips is half the fun. Through a couple of years we experimented with a couple of gear setups (there are so many options in the market). However, we discovered that there are only a few small brands that are located in Europe when it comes to sustainable, lightweight and good looking gear. 


This discovery combined with dreams of entrepreneurship got us started down a new trail, starting our own venture - Herder Gear


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Ik wil hiken


For my company, I was looking for a durable ultralight pack.

Herder Gear offers both, and everything went with a great personal touch.


Your company


We are always looking for new ways to work together. Feel free to contact us!


Studio Fraenck

Production partner

Social enterprise located in Arnhem. High-quality work and a mission to make the world fairer and cleaner.


Herder gear founders profile picture Ste
Stef Steffens

Long time entrepeneur in the Dutch event sector, always cheerful, and has an endless energy supply.


Herder gear founders profile picture Sim
Simon van Rooij

Allrounder with experience in outdoor retail, combined with coaching and talent management. Not fond of heights, and a kindle to the best laughs.


Herder gear founders profile picture Kee
Kees Smid

Roots of a business analist in the healthcare sector and the planner of the bunch. Oldest of the group, and an optimist to a fault.

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Follow Ingrid on her journey to and on the Pacific Crest Trail!

knitwit stable logo.png
Production partner

Producer for our wool products, the Knitwit Stable is the only Dutch initiative that puts the entire production chain on display, working on sustainability through transparency.