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The Hunted Ambassador

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

But when did you meet? This introduction is long overdue!

Alright, alright, you are right, but we had our reasons. We have to look back to June 2021, when we just gave the green light on the production of our first batch of backpacks. After rigorous testing during some multiday hikes, we were thinking about how we wanted to start shaping our brand. We thought it would be cool to find ambassadors that convey what we stand for. At this point, we first got into contact with Rick (@ikwilhiken). He was looking for a lightweight backpack for his next adventure, and we were looking for our first ambassador. Things moved fast from there on out: we met up, it clicked, and Rick went on to join Hunted into the wild with our final prototype!

In the raw nature, twelve people are hunted down by professionals. The goal is to stay out of their hands for ten days. Rick is one of the participants in the first edition of Hunted into the wild!

The television program will not focus on the backpack at all, but it is a fantastic idea to see our first product on national television. Also, can you get better field testing than this? On an average hike, you will rarely go down on all fours, rush through the brushes, trample through a forest with fear of getting caught as your sole motivation. In other words, the perfect limit test (which the Zaino passed without complaining).

Always on the move

When you talk with Rick, it's clear right off the bat. He is a bundle of energy, spouting ideas, and committed to following up on most of them. To give you an impression on his drive behind @ik.wil.hiken, the past year he has: written blogs, set up an online course for hikers, started a podcast, and is organizing trips for you to enjoy. All focused on letting everyone experience more of what nature has to offer. We especially appreciate how broad the spectrum is that he has to offer, everything from an introduction to your first hike to a full-blown survival trip in Bulgaria.

It might just be the ultimate proof that he loves the outdoors and is passionate about sharing it.

To top it off, most of it he did while on the road through Europe, from the back of his Mercedes van! His,...? Their! We can't go on without introducing his better half Laura, also known as @deonlineyogajuf. Together they show that it's possible to live more with less through their channel @simply.nomads. It's an insight we believe you can experience firsthand through hiking, having everything you need for your trip right there in your backpack. Or, in a van, of course 😉.

Philosophical sidenote

Not to keep on ranting for too long, but an essential part of running our three-person business is a lesson we learned in part through our contact with Rick and Laura. It's a door waiting to be kicked in. However, in our highly digital time, enhanced with social distancing, it sounds easier than it is.

The energy you put into something is the energy you get out of it. So if you want something to lift of, get rolling or start a connection with someone - take the first step. Meet up and drink a cup of coffee. The rest will follow.

Thanks for being a continuing source of energy for us Rick and Laura. If you want to tag along and see what they are up to, follow them on Instagram and check out their websites: de online yoga juf, ik wil hiken, and simply nomads.

Thanks for reading 🙏,

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