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Summer is coming

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

After an isolated and cold winter, the first signs of better times are finally here. The sun is showing more often every week and nature does not seem to be bothered all too much by the ongoing pandemic. And so - spring and the hiking season are drawing us outside even more than other years.

Can we go hiking?

First up some big news. A couple of weeks ago we completed the first prototype of our backpack (scroll down if you can't wait to get the sneak-peak!). Other pictures you might have seen were made for design purposes, not using the materials that we intend to use. We must say, we are filled with some pride because of the prototype! The sleak look and high quality of the build are exactly what we are aiming to deliver.

During the spring weeks we were planning to take the backpack on it's first real testrun on the Malerweg trail. Due to the pandemic we have postponed the test hike. We want to go through extensive testing before we start production so we can bring you the best possible backpack, we do not want to make concessions on our core values: quality and sustainability.

In June we will head of on an extensive test trip in Italy, walking the Grande Traversata delle Alpi. We will push it to the limits, roughing through low hanging brushes and scraping over rocks; facing everything from the traintrip, to mountaincabins and (wild) camping spots. When we have gathered the feedback we will evaluate if we want another prototype or continue to produce the first batch.

Here they are, the first pictures! ; Key features are the large roll-top with convenient Y-strap, back and front handholds, large stuff area with a Dyneema ripstop mesh. If you have any feedback or remarks, please let us know at so we can take your input into consideration.

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