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What we stand for, are you with us?

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

We're not just another outdoor brand, at Herder we stand for something. In this post you can find out what we are all about.

Herder Gear hiking west highland way trip scotland

With Herder Gear, you get the highest quality products for your hikes and everyday life, sustainably produced in Europe.

Connecting to nature and friends

'' Leave the roads; take the trails'' - Pythagoras

Most of us are urban dwellers that work tirelessly behind our computer. At Herder we know that most people also have a, sometimes tucked away, longing to get to the forest and mountains. Odds are, your closest friends have the same desire. The connection to nature and being out with friends is the founding energy of Herder.

Transparent about production

At Herder we believe in responsible choices made possible for the hikers and dreamers. As most production of hiking gear is done outside of Europe, it’s almost impossible to know the circumstances in which production happens. We are always transparent about the materials we use, who produces your gear and where.

High quality

Equipment failure can be annoying or even dangerous. We assure high standards through production with experienced partners and piece by piece quality checks.

Urban-outdoor cross over products

Outdoor gear sometimes has the image of something unreachable, or generic textiles are presented with an outdoor brand. At Herder we believe your favorite piece of equipment on the trail can also be your favorite on your commute and day-to-day. Multi-use of your gear will save money and the resources of our planet.

Positive outlook on life

On the trail you can face hardships, just like in your daily life. These challenges combined with your time in the sun, shape you and your experience. Our philosophy is that embracing the hardship with an optimistic perspective will help bring out the best.

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Feb 21, 2021

Keep it up!


Unknown member
Feb 16, 2021

Nice story mate!

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